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Watch Paul and John Discuss whats been happening this week in Security News

Enterprise Security Weekly News

A behavior analytics company has a new release, endpoint security for vulnerabilities and threats, outsource your threat hunting, get with the flow on your network, and waiting in the wings to get bought. PLus John and I discuss security training for the entperprise, what will work work best for you?

ItProTV Announcement:

"Quick announcement, ITProTV has updated their course library to include CCNA Security, CEH v9, Metasploit, and Red Hat Linux"

Topic: Security Training For Enterprises

  1. What are your goals?
  2. Why should you train?
  3. Who should you train?
  4. What topics and programs are the most effective?
  5. What if people get training then leave?
  6. Should you train in specific vendor solutions? Which ones? Why?
  7. SANS - We have a long history
  8. Other training?
  9. OnDemand vs. Virtual vs. Live