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ES_Episode34 - Jim Routh, Aetna

ES_Episode33 - Rules for Security Vendors

ES_Episode32 - Lior Frenkel, Waterfall Security

ES_Episode31 - Matt Alderman, Tenable Security

ES_Episode30 - Jayne Groll & Alan Shimel, InfoSec World (1/26/2017)

ES_Episode29 - Zane Lackey, Signal Sciences

ES_Episode28 - Michael Santarcangelo, Cyber Insurance

Episode Guide Archive


ES_Episode27 - "John Strand, Black Hills Infosec"

ES_Episode26 - "Don Pezet, ITPro.TV"

ES_Episode25 - "Interview with Don Pezet, ITPro.TV"

ES_Episode24 - "Top 5 Defenses Against Penetration Testers (and attackers)"

ES_Episode23 - "An Open Source Enterprise Security Program?"

ES_Episode22 - "Incident Response In The Enterprise"

ES_Episode21 - "Using Bro In The Enterprise"

ES_Episode20 - "Multi-Factor Authentication"

ES_Episode19 - "Defending IoT Devices"

ES_Episode18 - "Darkweb Monitoring"

ES_Episode17 - "Security Training For Enterprises"

ES_Episode16 - "Privileged Alphabet Soup"

ES_Episode15 - "Documentation"

ES_Episode14 - Enterprise Security User Awareness Training

ES_Episode13 - To MSSP or not to MSSP, this is the question

ES_Episode12 - Guest: Paul Paget, CEO Pwnie Express - Detecting Rogue Devices In The Enterprise

ES_Episode11 - User Behavior Analytics

ES_Episode10 - Penetration Testing

ES_Episode9 - Securing the SDLC

ES_Episode8 - Securing "Air Gapped" Networks

ES_Episode7 - Web Application Scanning

ES_Episode6 - IDS/IPS

ES_Episode5 - "SEIM"

ES_Episode4 - Patch Management

ES_Episode3 - Vulnerability Management

ES_Episode2 - Threat Intelligence

ES_Episode1 - Threat Hunting