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Theme Music, Episode 58 for January 18th, 2007


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"Welcome to PaulDotCom Security Weekly, Episode 58 for January 18th, 2007"

From the BRAND NEW PSW studios!

This is PaulDotCom Security Weekly I am your host, Paul Asadoorian. "And I am your co-host Larry Pesce". We also have the one and only Twitchy and Mr. Joe C., Vice-president and co-chair of filling slots.


- We have a deal with SANS! If you register for a SANS conference use [1]. It helps us buy more cool t-shirts and stickers to give to you!

- Sans SanDiego - we are presenting live! Currently we are scheduled for April 4th.

- Shmoocon, we'll see you there.

- RFID video has been released...

- Sweeper contest?

[SWEEPER] Story time with Twitchy - CES Update


Episode55 Show Notes

[SWEEPERS] Closing

[Syngress Question of the Week]

How big is the CFE partition in the flash chip on a WRT54G?

Core discount code impactbsg

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