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RI.gov website hacking details (In Russian) - We won't say where we got this one (Well, unless it involves a car battery and probes, then we'll tell), but its pretty cool, even if you don't speak Russian.

VPN 3000 Series DoS Saga Continues - So the latest version is 4.7.2D, does this fix the problem?

Will Vista Offer Improved Security? - I am very skeptical as to whether or not Vista will improve the security of the Windows desktop OS. With new features that include "easy real-time wireless collaboration and online file sharing" their just asking for trouble. So, while it may fix some problems, its going to open the doors to so many new flaws.

Two more flaws found in windows - Return of WMF? Well , not exactly. And a bug found in Windows XP SP1.

U.S. Prepares to hack the world - Okay, so maybe not the world, but a country anyway.

Mozilla's Bugfix rate - I wonder what the numbers look like for IE?

Firefox Patched Quicker Than IE

Using Rootkits to defeat DRM - Hide and seek.

Sun Java JRE Sandbox Vulnerability - Don't poop in my sandbox please.

"Hacktivism" - Danish sites are under attack from angry muslims.

Exploit Code published for Firefox flaw - Live Demo!

French Cops Ditch IE - Hurray for the French Police!

Global WiFi Hotspot: FON - Wifi for all, but where's the security? Be certain to check out this nice article too.

Holy Lotus Notes Vulnerabilities Batman!

When "vi" attacks QNX it spells trouble, check out the numerous vulnerabilities found. See all iDefense vulnerabilities here.

Windows HTML Help Workshop Vulnerability and Exploit

Security Professional's Mac OS X laptop hacked at Schmoocon - I truly believe we will see more of this. The recent Firefox exploit for OS X was built into metasploit and is very easy to execute.