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Security Weekly Show Notes Here you will find the notes for each show, which include links to all stories, examples, screenshots, and documentation for all tech segments, listener submitted stories, and "Other Stories of Interest" (which always strives to be amusing and/or interesting).
Tech Segments From the Show On the show we call them "Tech Segments". We show you how to do things like Google hacking, port scanning, information gathering, setting up an IDS, web application hacking and more!
Podcast Beer Listing Each week we drink beer on the podcast. This is the archive is updated randomly, but contains A LOT of really awesome beer.
Categories We're tagging every page in the show notes with the stuff we talked about. If there's a topic you'd like to see when we talked about it, you can find it here.
Interviews We've Conducted We've had many great interviews on the shows. Find them linked here.