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10 AM

Hackers for Charity kick off - Johnny Long to call in (Uganda is 7 hours or so ahead)?

11 AM Marcus Ranum Interview -confirmed

12 interview - Jon Maddog Hall?

12:30 Cigar/Beer review Our favorites, our gripes, a taste test

Special Guest Tim M?

1:15 PM Roundtable Discussion 1 - SSL & Certificates & DNSSEC ?????

Broken -how? Fix - how?

Moxie? Thai? Jeff?

2PM Kevin Mitnick - confirmed.

3PM Roundtable Discussion 3 - Trust, security and society (entice Bruce on the show?)

TSA Trusting the browser Corporate espionage

Guest: FBI? ioerror?

4PM Tech Segment John

4:30 Tech Segment Larry

5PM Tech Segment Paul

5:30PM Tech Segment Carlos

6PM Dinner Break

7 PM Tech Segment Jack "Tenacious" D.

730 PM Guest Tech Segment - Eric Fiterman

"Researchers in Central America recently discovered an ancient underground lake containing many new discoveries about the Mayan civilization. Among these discoveries were many mysterious glyphs depicting what appear to be other-worldy beings handing compact disks to Mayan priests. Excavation unearthed some ancient, but usable, compact disks, containing what appeared to be bootable Linux environments designed to reset passwords in VMware's ESX hypervisor. Eric Fiterman, of Rogue Networks, has extensively studied the artifacts from the project, and has learned that ancient alien beings may have given humans knowledge of hypervisors and virtualization long ago.

Eric believes that virtualization and computing were ancient technologies used by the Mayans, and that among this lost knowledge were the secrets of how to recover VMware hypervisor systems without a password. Eric will be discussing this recently discovered artifact, and is releasing a bootable ISO that allows users to restore ESX systems without re-installing the hypervisor."

8:30 PM Pen Testing War Stories - open call in session where folks can share war stories.

Kevin NWN remote? Josh Wright remote or in-studio?

9 PM - ???

10PM show over.