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Application Security Weekly #25

Recorded July 23rd, 2018 at G-Unit Studios in Rhode Island!

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  • Paul Asadoorian
    Embedded device security researcher, security podcaster, and CEO of Active Countermeasures .
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    Interview: Joe Garcia, CyberArk

    Joe Garcia
    is the Global Corporate Solutions Engineer at CyberArk.
    As a Global Corporate Solutions Engineer, Joe Garcia has a strong background in DevOps, Cloud and Security and is currently focused on helping customers implement and scale effective secrets management solutions. He was previously a Solutions Architect with the CyberArk Customer Success team for the West and Southeast regions. Prior to that, as a CyberArk customer, Joe worked at Raymond James Financial, most recently serving as an Information Security Operations Administrator focused on Vulnerability and Monitoring - dealing with everything from data automation from the Qualys Cloud all the way down to producing comprehensive metrics in Tableau for the division. Joe is a CISSP and is a Certified AWS Technical Professional.


    Bugs, Breaches, and More!

    1.) Venmo caught publishing all transactions publicly

    2.) Facebook investigates data firm Crimson Hexagon

    3.) Oracle releases critical patches

    If you build it, they will come

    1.) Microsoft releases PowerShell Core for Linux

    2.) Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Twitter announce 'Data Transfer Project'

    3.) Health Insurers are Vacuuming up Details About You

    Learning & Tools

    1.) Teaching Amazon Echo Show Sign Language

    2.) Automatically deleting old tweets with AWS Lambda

    3.) GitRob - now written in Go

    Food for Thought

    1.) Changing your screen to Grayscale can help fight phone addiction

    2.) When to purchase a ‘solution’ to your cybersecurity problem

    2.5 Chad Loder's Twitter Thread

    3.) IT Project Estimates

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