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Recorded August 19, 2019 at G-Unit Studios in Rhode Island!

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  • Matt Alderman
    CEO at Security Weekly, Strategic Advisor, and Wizard of Entrepreneurship
  • Paul Asadoorian
    Embedded device security researcher, security podcaster, and CEO of Active Countermeasures .

  • Announcements

    • We have exciting news about the Security Weekly webcast program: We are now partnered with (ISC)2 as an official CPE provider! If you attend any of our webcasts, you will be receiving 1 CPE credit per webcast! Register for one of our upcoming webcast with Stephen Smith and Jeff Braucher of LogRhythm by going to If you have missed any of our previously recorded webcasts, you can find our on-demand library at

    • So many of the big East Coast cybersecurity tradeshows take place in crowded cities like Boston and New York, where parking is a nightmare and will cost you an arm and a leg. However, this year's Compass Cybersecurity Symposium is being held at Twin River Casino in Lincoln, RI, just 15 minutes outside of Providence! The venue has plenty of free and easy parking. Speakers include social engineering expert Chris Hadnagy and Security Weekly podcast founder Paul Asadoorian. Use the discount code "SW2019" to save $20 on registration!

    • Security Weekly will be at Hacker Halted in Atlanta, GA this October 10th-11th! EC-Council is offering our listeners a $100 discount to attend the two day conference. Use discount code HH19SW when you register or go to and register there! Make sure you checkout the keynote (Paul Asadoorian) and Mr. Jeff Man's talk as well!

    • We need your help in a survey we are running for research purposes for an upcoming webcast. How mature is your process automation for your various security capabilities? Please visit to submit your responses to our 5 Stages of Automation Maturity Survey! We'll share the results in a webcast in November!

    Leadership Articles

    1. Do you have the heart of a champion?
    2. Are you a genius?
    3. Do you have the cojones?
    • MISERABLE LEADERS SPREAD MISERY - Miserable leaders spread misery everywhere they go. Enjoy leading or get out of leadership.
    • 4 Ways To Gain Power And Use It For Good - Power is a dynamic present in all of our relationships and it’s one we need to properly manage to help our relationships develop to their fullest potential. Enduring Power Comes from:
    1. Empathy
    2. Giving
    3. Expressing gratitude
    4. Telling stories that unite
    • WHEN INNOVATION AND TRUST ARE AT ODDS - Manic innovation occurs when companies fail to balance growth with risk management. It relieves constraints and speeds along the innovation process while transferring or increasing risks to stakeholders. In order to see how manic innovation happens, we need to understand the process of organizational drift. This term refers to the slow and gradual evolution of the way in which the organization functions — strategy, culture, processes, governance, and so on — to attempt to reach goals that cannot be achieved through normal and legitimate means.
    • 5 Reasons to Never Compromise on Punctuality - It’s actually worth it to arrive on time...
    1. It shows you’re committed.
    2. You’ll never miss anything.
    3. It’s something that both colleagues and supervisors appreciate.
    4. You’ll earn more respect.
    5. It’s actually better and less stressful for you too.

    Interview: Jessica Johnson & Amber Pedroncelli, Global CISO Forum (HackerHalted Speaker)

    Amber Pedroncelli is the Director of Strategic Initiatives at Global CISO Forum
    At EC-Council, Amber manages EC-Council's CISO program, which has three components: CISO Events, the Certified CISO (C|CISO) certification program, and CISO Resources – a repository for white papers and articles geared toward infosec executives. To grow the CISO program, Amber manages the overall marketing strategy, oversees the processing of applications and payments, works with boards and committees to ensure the content of the program is current and appropriate for high-level executives, and the many other components of running a large program.
    Ambers experience prior to EC-Council was in Supplier Diversity and Small Business Programs. Achievements included building a stronger program at HDR and CU by increasing meaningful opportunities for the small and diverse business community, increasing the recognition of the program internally, and unifying purchasing policies.

    Segment Topic:
    Global CISO Forum and Hacker Halted

    Segment Description:
    We'll be discussing our upcoming conferences.

    Segment Resources: and

    Jessica Johnson is the Manager, Business Development at EC-Council
    Jessica has been with EC-Council for 5+ years and has grown the conference division through her partnerships with ISSA, OWASP, ISACA, ISC2, etc. Jessica is the main point of contact for sponsorship opportunities and looks forward to another successful Hacker Halted!

    Segment Description:
    Hacker Halted is EC-Council's premier IT Security Conference held in Atlanta annually. Hacker Halted gathers 1400+ Information Security Professionals in two days of Exhibiting, Breakout Sessions, Live Hacking Demos and Keynotes!

    Segment Resources:

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