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Business Security Weekly Episode #183 - August 04, 2020

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1. SWVHSC: How Security Spending Overlooks the Biggest Risk of All - 07:00 PM-07:30 PM


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Global spending on cyber security totals over $100 billion per year, with no upper limit in sight as adversaries remain successful at compromising even well-resourced organizations. Why do adversaries remain successful despite advances in security technologies and risk frameworks? As it turns out, an often-overlooked architecture from 30 years ago is a common thread among many successful attacks. By re-thinking the ubiquitous web browser and its connection to the internet, CIOs and CISOs can nearly eliminate their internet risk surface, provide users the tools and access they need, and free up incident responders to focus on more advanced threats.

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Matt Ashburn

Former CIA Cyber Security Officer, and National Security CISO at the White House - National Security Engagement Lead, Authentic8 Engagement Lead, focusing on engagement with national security customers. Prior to Authentic8, Matt served as a CIA officer focusing on cyber issues, including a detail serving on the National Security Council as the Chief Information Security Officer and Special Advisor to the National Security Advisor, leading technical expertise, risk reduction strategies, and policy for national security systems.


2. SWVHSC: "The Failure of Risk Management" - 07:30 PM-08:00 PM


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A ground shaking exposé on the failure of popular cyber risk management methods. This book is the first of a series of spinoffs from Douglas Hubbard’s successful first book, How To Measure Anything: Finding the Value of “Intangibles” in Business.

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Doug Hubbard

Doug is about building better "business impact" decision-makers for big, risky decisions. He is an award-winning author who sold over 150,000 copies of his 4 different books in eight different languages. Doug offers his global client base of Fortune 500 companies, federal and state governments, the United States military, and major non-profits including the United Nations training and consulting revolving around his quantitative methodology, called Applied Information Economics (AIE).