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Nmap NSE Scripting

Paul wrote an Nmap NSE script:

Banner Grabbing Reloaded Tech Segment

Download the script here

Its a banner grabber, connects to TCP ports and pulls back the data.

Google Dorks

Cool tech segment by Larry on some very recent Google dorks:

He queried Twitter, many people responded.

New GHDB link:

Show Dorks:

  1. |-->DORKs: "Powered by TemaTres" / "Generado por TemaTres" / "Criado por TemaTres"


Check out our Metasploit entry for the latest tips & tricks

Package Metasploit Payload For OS X - From Darkoperator

Latest, bleeding, like fresh wounds, edge stuff: - Espia, Spanish for "Spy", grabs audio and video from the compromised host natively. Previous methods relied on a 3rd party tool to be uploaded to the host, this one is written in C/Ruby and deployed via Meterpreter. This has not yet been released and can only be found in the Metasploit SVN.

  • They are working on a module that also grabs the remote clipboard


  • Check out Jasager - Karma for a FON router.