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Microsoft partners with Ping, CyberArk gets a new patent, yet even more behavior based endpoint protection, Intel sells Mcafee, teaming up with MSPs, and embracing change in the cloud.

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Enterprise Security News

  1. Microsoft partnering with Ping Identity to allow cloud-based secure access for more web apps - Ping Identity’s PingAccess product, which is designed to manage access to non-standards-based legacy applications, will be integrated into the Azure Active Directory Application Proxy and Examples of web apps that use don’t use standard authentication protocols like OAuth or Kerberos are ones that use HTTP header or cookie-based authentication Is the problem with legacy apps the authentication and authorization or is it that they still run on Windows 2000? Hrm...
  2. CyberArk Receives U.S. Technology Patent for Detecting Cyber Security Risks - The patent for correlation-based security risk identification covers methods and systems to map risks arising from credentials, especially privileged credentials, present on machines in the network that, once compromised, enable attackers to access and compromise other machines in the network.
  3. Sophos rolls out Intercept X for endpoint protection - The product uses behavior-based screening to detect malicious behavior on endpoints rather than signature-based protection - Hi Sophos, welcome to the 21st century where "behavior-based" has long replaced signature based detection.
  4. McAfee strategy won’t change with privatization, says exec - So, some say that big companies like Intel will just do security and squash all the smaller players. Yet, here we have Intel selling off Mcafee? WTH is going on? Is security too complex for big companies to figure out? Will we see a re-consolidation? Or, will Intel acquire smaller more innovative companies than Mcafee?
  5. Securonix and ThetaPoint Team Up in Partnership to Provide Cutting Edge Security Analytics - Behavior analytics teams up with MSSP. We'll see this a lot, leave the consulting to the consulting companies.
  6. BeyondTrust Launches MSP Program And Amazon Marketplace Availability - Long gone are the days of getting hardware significant enough to run an enterprise solution. Smaller folks will buy from an MSP, and larger enterprises, who are smart, will just buy it in the cloud. The shift to cloud has already happened, embrace change!

"Documentation" Is Your Best Enterprise Security Tool

Ean Meyer joins us to discuss this topic as he wrote an article we discussed on a previous show.

Below is the article for reference: