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Combining network and endpoint analysis for the win, password management with endpoint security, deception and winning?, securing your data, and an account security solution, or ASS? and securing IoT in the enterprise...

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Enterprise Security News

  1. E8 Security Raises $12M to Expand Behavior Intelligence Efforts
  2. Thycotic Releases Privilege Manager for Windows
  3. thycotic-releases-privilege-manager-for-windows
  4. New Study on Deception as Offensive Weapon Featured in Upcoming Webinar - Attivo Networks
  5. StorageNewsletter Commvault Data Platform Achieves Certified Integration With SAP HANA
  6. StorageNewsletter Commvault Data Platform Achieves Certified Integration With SAP HANA
  7. CyberArk and ATOS launch PAM service - Enterprise Times
  8. A10 Networks Introduces New Solutions To Stop DDoS Attacks
  9. Gigamon employs network visibility for cybersecurity fight -
  10. Building add-ons just got 2.0 times easier | Splunk Blogs
  11. Niara's User Behavior Analytics Solution Certified to Interoperate With McAfee Enterprise Security Manager
  12. Juniper Networks extends security portfolio
  13. Symantec Selects VMware AirWatch to Build Enhanced Endpoint Security Integrations
  14. IBM and Carbon Black Just Deepened Their Security Tie-Up
  15. palo-alto-networks-steps-up-endpoint-security-game
  16. The 10 Coolest Network Security Products Of 2016 (So Far) | CRN Mobile
  17. Congressional Leaders Demand Answers on Yahoo Breach

Topic: Defending IoT Devices In The Enterprise

Lets put this past us, these device pose a threat. Here are some tips:

  1. Find all of the devices in your network - asset management, scanning the network, scanning the airwaves
  2. One of the largest threats is default or backdoor credentials. Make certain you secure the authentication to these devices.
  3. Network monitoring - What are the devices using to communicate? Which protocols? Can you enable more secure protocols or disable some?
  4. Network Segmentation - Both Ethernet and Wireless! Keep all of these devices isolated in your network and monitor for deviations from this plan.