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Enterprise Security Weekly - Episode 34

Recorded February 23, 2017

Interview: Jim Routh, Aetna

Innovative leader of information security and enterprise risk management functions for financial service industry leaders

Specialties: Mobile Security, Software Security, Social Network Security, Information Security, Data Loss Prevention; Finanical Services Regulatory requirements; Threat and Vulnerability Assessment; Knowledge Management; Incident Management; Marketing Segmentation; Risk Management and Controls

Jim Routh is the Chief Information Security Officer and leads the Global Information Security function for Aetna. He is the Chairman of the FS-ISAC Products and Services Committee and former Board Member. He is a Board Member of the National Health-ISAC. He was formerly the Global Head of Application and Mobile Security for JP Morgan Chase. Prior to that he was the CISO for KPMG, DTCC and American Express and has over 20 years of experience in information technology and information security as a practitioner, management consultant and leader of technology functions and information security functions for global financial service firms. Routh is the winner of the 2009 BITS Leadership Award for outstanding leadership of the Supply Chain Working Group.

Enterprise Security News

  1. Provide Security for Privileged Accounts with a Break Glass Process - Interesting approach to PIM, I think to pull it off you need 3rd party software, although some really smart Windows admins could code their own. One of the important parts to this approach is to 1) make sure you are notified and log 2) create a new account and expire the old one 3) There should be a two-factor on these accounts.
  2. Cisco touts next-gen firewall gear for midsize installations - More companies going after the mid-market: The appliances can automate security tasks including assessment, tuning and remediation. Through integration with Cisco’s Threat Intelligence Director, the management center can absorb and act on threat intelligence via third parties that use industry standards for formatting and sending. And it can be managed in the cloud. A good approach for mid-market? We'll see...
  3. What makes for truly independent security product testing? - There is certainly a lack of this: The problem is we, as an industry, lack a common testing baseline. We need a set of common standards that everyone can expect labs to follow. This doesn’t necessarily hamstring testers, as they can improve upon the standards and add their own secret sauce. A standard should set minimum expectations, and that’s something sorely needed in security product testing.
  4. illusive networks Adds Kill Switch Capabilities to its Deceptions Everywhere Cybersecurity Platform with Integration of Cisco pxGrid - I really hope we can make this work: . Incorporating kill switch capabilities into their advanced deceptions technology, data is collected from the compromised hosts as soon as an attack is detected. This data is then sent to the pxGrid platform, triggering ISE to execute containment of the compromised hosts. Customers have full control of the level of containment, actions taken per deception policy and designation of the host's mitigation status, alongside comprehensive forensics information in real-time. Even if at first we limit to internal containment, but still let devices talk to the Internet and monitor. This concept has the ability to achieve true prevention, however it remains to be seen if we can limit the false positives.
  5. CryptoMix: Avast adds a new free decryption tool to its collection - This seems like a one-off, such as the encryption key has leaked and this tool will decrypt your files. best to prevent being infected the first place!
  6. AlgoSec Launches New App for Cisco ACI - Some firewall management for your firewall management. The benefit of this technology is the integration with all of your security systems, some focus on management, and some are now focused a bit on threats.
  7. Centrify Analytics Service Stops Breaches in Real-time Based on User Behavior - And let the death of independent EUBA companies begin, there is an IAM/PIM implementing EUBA.
  8. New Pulse Secure Access Suite strengthens security - Interesting pitch: Pulse Secure has launched the Pulse Access Suite, delivering on the promise of Secure Access for the Next Generation. The Pulse Secure Access Suite integrates everything needed to enable Secure Access, simplifying purchase, deployment and operations while offering more value compared to siloed, multi-vendor solutions. Pulse Secure Access Suite is a comprehensive Secure Access solution that securely connects workers to company resources and protects company devices, regardless of location – in the data center, internal network, cloud or mobile. Pulse Secure delivers secure access to all company resources via a single unified client or mobile application – dramatically simplifying access and increasing user productivity.