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Enterprise Security Weekly #47

Recorded on June 1, 2017 at G-Unit Studios in Rhode Island!

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  • Paul Asadoorian
    Embedded device security researcher, security podcaster, and CEO of Active Countermeasures .
  • John Strand
    Security analyst, Founder of Black Hills Information Security, and CTO of Offensive Countermeasures.
  • Enterprise News

    1. The Power of an Exploit - THIS: As for exploits, it’s important to understand the details behind them and which ones are particularly dangerous. The last two significant exploits that have led to successful Internet worms, MS08-067 (Conficker) and MS17-010 (WanaCry) were discovered as a result of the release of nation-state level attack tools (Stuxnet and ETERNALBLUE respectively). Staying informed is the key to staying out of the headlines.
    2. Carbon Black's Open Letter to Cylance: Welcome to EDR! - Carbon Black - This is perhaps the most direct shot over the bow between competitors in security I have ever seen: But fair warning – we’ve been in this market for a while and have learned a lot about what it takes to make organizations successful when it comes to security. It seems you have a lot of work ahead of you to get CylanceOPTICS to the level it needs to be — all the way down to some core architectural decisions you’ve made.
    3. Viavi Solutions Introduces Scalable RF Monitoring for Heterogeneous Networks | satPRnews - Viavi Solutions (NASDAQ: VIAV) has launched CPRIAdvisor, a remote RF spectrum monitoring system that addresses a wide range of antenna deployment options in heterogeneous networks. Developed in partnership with tier one mobile service providers, it offers the ability to monitor and troubleshoot RF conditions around the clock for any cell site with fiber fronthaul.
    4. Security increased since ransomware cyber attacks - SecurEnvoy Blog - I don't see how this helps with respects to the attack surface of ransomeware: So why is SecurEnvoy telling you this? As the inventor of Tokenless ® multi-factor authentication, SecurEnvoy has always taken the approach that this vital security feature should be installed with minimum effort and with no modification to the systems it protects. Unlike some of it s rivals, SecurEnvoy requires no tweaking of templates or interfaces to start doing its work.
    5. 13 AWS IAM Best Practices for Security and Compliance - Good advice, but not just for cloud!
    6. Who Owns Cybersecurity Risk Management? - Gigamon Blog - Pretty good article on risk, I love this one: Directors need to understand and approach cybersecurity as an enterprise-wide risk management issue, not just an IT issue.

    Interview:Corey Bodzin of Tenable, The Impact of Containers on Enterprise Security at Gartner

    At Tenable Corey Bodzin is responsible for coordinating the efforts of a global Product Management team, owning the product roadmap, and driving world-class execution of operational initiatives with Sales, Finance, and Support. He works closely with the Chief Product Officer to define, refine, and advance the Tenable product portfolio.

    Before joining Tenable, Corey created products at other cybersecurity companies like RSA, Qualys, and nCircle, and was a user of the products as he lead security teams at Wells Fargo, Charles Schwab, and Lucent. He is an IT security veteran with 25+ years’ experience in driving thoughtful risk management and regulatory compliance for industries as diverse as energy, pharmaceuticals and financial services.

    Corey holds a B.S. from Arizona State University and an MBA from Arizona State University. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona, where he can often be found baking bread and roasting coffee.

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