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Episode Audio

Featured Interview/Opening Discussion

The Five Stories

Key bullet points and discussion items for each story; weaved together in a story arc

Each includes a discussion on the security considerations from each of the perspective(s):

  • Startup
  • Buyer
  • Investor

How to Spot a Bad Kickstarter (and Why We Don’t Cover Crowdfunding)

  • How does this relate to spotting a good startup to work with? This is on the heels of the story last week about the lackluster ‘crowdfunding’ rules for investing in startups
  • “...everything we consider has at least one thing in common: It must actually exist, and you must be able to buy it right now.”
  • How do you validate the team, or their performance - > and Michael has some recent experience interviewing and hiring people where what they claim and what they are capable of isn’t the same
  • Felt a lot of parallels to considering kickstarter and evaluating startups

Inside the mind of a venture capitalist

  • It’s the enthusiasm and passion? Michael thinks that actually makes sense - so let’s explore why (and how)
  • Does the sector matter? Apparently so.

Front Series A Deck

  • Note the time to build it - and that’s after extensive work in the business
  • Betting it was a solid 100 hours
  • Simple format - love that
  • Note the changes - things she’d add. Mind you, it got the result she wanted

Want to Become More Disruptive With Your Startup? You Got 100 Days.

  • Note the importance of systems
  • Speed/iteration matters
  • Think smaller, quicker, shorter -- and more focused. Then engage and figure it out

This Company Rakes in Millions and Still Handwrites Thank-Yous Every Day

  • it’s the customer.
  • it starts with one. Maybe a few more.
  • I’m going through it now. And damn. It’s awesome.
  • But I also realized it’s more than that. And I’m changing my business as a result.

Updates: Our Startup Journeys

Michael - Security Catalyst - @catalyst

It’s a busy, but exciting time:

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