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Fedex Kinkos Smart Card Authentication Bypass - A three byte security code that is not excrypted, is, well, not a security code. Free kinkos cash for all! Larry's Thoughts, also check out the video

Startkeylogger = IRC DoS - Security is a great thing, except when it logs you out of a chat room.

Shutting Down Botnets - Risky business?

Ultimate Data Center - "It offers protection from attacks including crackers, terrorists, electro-magnetic pulse, electronic eavesdropping, HERF weapons and solar flares" Whew, good thing, my data center is always under attack from solar flares, and flame throwers too...

New and cool phone that we all want now

Trojans on your cell phone infect you PC - Trojans, J2ME, oh my! Larry's Thoughts

A Bad Day in IT - I hate it when I find Cain & Abel on my servers...

College student brute forces system to change grades - Somone been watching War Games too much?

Create your own wall of sheep - Baaaah, use SSH!

Apple patches, get your apple patches - All 16 of em', including a patch for Safari.

Professor packet slinger and the school of loose screws - "You shall go now, to hack the Internet without permission and give me all of your results". This is clearly not right, and even if it is portscanning, its still not *right*. Legality aside, no one should hack back or do such things without permission, that's what separates the good hackers from the evil ones. Larry's thoughts

Microsoft Internet Explorer update - "Dear Microsoft, we see your security advisory in plain sight, someone must have forgotten to hit the "stealth" button, because we can all see it".

New Theme Song - Let us know what you think!


Kismac - Kismac is a great little utility, similar to Kismet, that runs natively on OS X, and even has support for prism2 cards! This content will be available only in the video version, see Security Weekly TV feed.