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Episode Media


Running as a Limited User - Run with your pants up or down? You decide....

Canadian, Russion, and UK ATM Networks hacked - At first I thought this was a new Syngress title, "Stealing The Network: 0wn the ATM".

OS X Hacked in 30 minutes - So you got a local 0day, a valid user account, and it still takes 30 minutes?

Yet another OS X Hacking competition - This one was ended pre-maturely, but setup better than the other one.

Aircrack-NG - Some updated wifi hacking/cracking tools.

PLA Episode 4 - Beige box and got to jail for involuntary manslaughter?

Researcher Hacks Microsoft fingerprint reader - Hmmm...sniff unencrypted fingerprints.

Wireless Piggyback Ride - Hey, the door was unlocked so I came in, made some coffee and left.

Skype 1.4 Emoticons DoS - Skype Emoticons DoS. Damn smileys. Paul and Larry got to test.

Botnet e-mail from the ISC - The cost for botnets went DOWN: 10,000 bots for $25.

New Dawn for TCP fragmentation - A new TCP fragmentation attack for windows, Linux 2.4 kernel, AIX and allegedy Cisco as well.

PTunnel - Twitchy talks about how to tunnel traffic over ICMP in a Wifi hotspot.

Paul's fun with wireless, MadWifi Hacking, Karma, and Backtrack CD testing. Don't try to change your mac address using the madwifi drivers. Never use Orinoco drivers to run your Prism2 card with Kismet (Mike will yell at you). Don't use Wlan-ng, use HostAP. We'll be doing a full series on wireless hacking.