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Start-Up Security Weekly - Business Level Consumers

Recorded: July 1st


Paul Asadoorian and Michael Santarcangelo


In this episode we talk about IoT, what questions should you be asking of your IoT-based startups? How does security play into building an IoT product? All those questions are answered and more!

Stories and Discussion

On Leadership and Communication — highly relevant for startups

Topics On Approach

- IoT keeps taking up cycles

- So let’s talk about key questions and approach for IoT.

Are the questions still:

what chipset (who made it, etc) how to update how protected

Once we affirm the questions — just three — then let’s explore how to ask and answer the question from each perspective. Find 1-2 key points to bring forth conversation that leads to understanding for each of our core audiences:

startup investor as a client — business as a client — consumer