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(15 Seconds of silince)

(get all the laughter out)

Theme Music, Episode 20 for March 23, 2006

"Welcome to Security Weekly, Episode 20 for March 23, 2006"

From the PSW studios

“Welcome to this edition of Security Weekly, I am your host Paul Asadoorian, “and I’m your co-host Larry Pesce”. Here in the studio (my house) “Twitchy” is with us.


This episode is sponsored by Syngress Publishing, Where you can learn about 0wning and penetrating without going to jail!

Listen to this podcast and answer the questions at the end of the show. Then go to the Security Weekly blog and be the first to post the CORRECT answer (be certain to leave your email address) and receive a free ticket to choose any in-stock book from the syngress web site, for free!

This episode is also sponsored by Core Security, How does your network handle the penetration......testing! Listen to this podcast and qualify to receive a 10% discount on Core Impact, worlds best penetration testing tool.

Last weeks winner is Tim Furlong, who stated the correct answer, "From wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluetooth) : [Bluetooth] operates in the license-free ISM band at 2.45 GHz. In order to avoid interfering with other protocols which use the 2.45 GHz band, the Bluetooth protocol divides the band into 79 channels (each 1 MHz wide) and changes channels up to 1600 times per second." He is the proud owner of "Nessus, Snort and Ethereal Power Tools". Congrat to Tim!

Announcements: Open Show, first topic will be "Piggybacking Open Wireless Networks: Is it legal? Is it Okay?" will take place on Thursday March 30th, 5:30PM EST, Skype on in and join the show! Skype id is "securityweekly" and the phone number is 401.369.9820.

Announcements: Check out the SANS Stay Sharp Program, http://www.sans.org/staysharp, great place to find some inexpensive short training sessions that are really cool, such as mastering packet analysis, finding rogue access points. I am teaching a new one this year called Staying Invisible on the Internet. Props to Lynn Lewis!

Announcements: On this podcast, we are not afraid to tell you about programs that are an alternative to L0phtcrack, such as Cain & Abel, John The Ripper, and others. Some are, they also talk about wyspy, right after we talked about wyspy.

On to listener feedback!

Gmail Podcast, Re-joiner, NEW TECHNO THEME MUSIC

Theme music is from Shaolin Grove, great music.

I would like to thank everyone who put a pin on the Frappr map! 82 people, and even someone from N. ireland on St. Patricks day Stephen Barnes Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom). I guess that's the closest to Ireland we got so far...

Thank you to everyone who posted a comment on iTunes, 7 total comments! One reads, "Twitchy is the man", twitchy, did you tell your mom to leave comments?

Thank you to Jay Beale, creator of Bastille Linux (http://www.bastille-linux.org), Shmoo Con conference, who is a big fan of the show! Check out the "A real gullible genious" chapter posted online, link in the show notes.

Alex writes in:

You guys did an awesome job with the video (or are doing, I haven't finished it yet)! However, I just wanted to ask:

Does Nick have a gun in his pocket? I think it's his cell phone clipped to his belt, but I'm not sure...

Mike writes in:

I have a Windows XP Home 802.11b/g laptop (recent purchase) WinXP Pro desktop am thinking about a MacBook Pro to run Windoze (sorry), Linux and Mac OS

Any purchasing advice on a good wireless router/firewall that might also have support for 802.11n would be great, to somewhat future proof.

BJ writes in:

Hey Paul and Larry,

I just finished listening to the last podcast on my lunch break and I have to say that it was excellent. I especially enjoyed the conversations about the number of cats at someones house as well as story time with Nick. I do enjoy story time :-) I was wondering if you and Larry and Nick could give kind of a history of how you guys got to where you are right now from a knowledge standpoint. I am currently moving into a new consulting position at my company where I will begin doing pen tests and compliance work for banks, hospitals, ect. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, BJ

Martin Mckeay writes in: (From the network security podcast):

On the video version:

And all I can say is ... ewwwww.

[Music] Story Time With Twitchy

Twitchy tells us a hacking story about something...


Short Re-joiner


Episode20 Show Notes

Play our own sweeper, grasshopper....


Syngress question of the week:

Core discount code impactbsg

Thank you for listening, psw@securityweekly.com, http://securityweekly.com