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FREE, secure VPN - Don't use XP's pptp junk. Funny stuff from who else:

Steve: Yeah. I mean, if he really wants to use Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol, see, he's got a router. And I guess it's maybe a little safer if he uses his router as his endpoint, that is, connects using PPTP to his router. That would get him into his network, as opposed to trusting the Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol server on Windows, which just, you know, always makes me think twice.

Leo: Right. Are there any particular flaws you know of right now, or are we in between...

Steve: No.

Leo: We're in between flaws.

WTF! Here are some links to help you crack PPTP:

PPTP Bruter - "Exploits a weakness in Microsoft's anti-brute force implementation which makes it possible to try 300 passwords the second."

Asleap - Crack LEAP and PPTP all with the same tool!

FreeRADIUS remote vunerabilities tinyPEAP impact?

New Trojan for Symbian Based Phones - Flexispy.A, claims to help you catch your cheating spouse. There is a joke in there about a trojan, but I can't think of one :)

0phtcrack 2.2 released - replacement for L0phtcrack (Does it run faster without the "L"?)

The year of the unofficial patch. - Paul and I called it. I think we're going to release an unofficial patch, just cuz.

Illinois man arested for wardriving - Good segway for our open show.

SchmooCon videos online - Download. Watch. Now. I really enjoyed Simple Nomad's talk, "Hacking The Friendly Skies". Wish they would release Johnny Long's talk on hacking Hollywood.

FrSIRt sucks - Larry's findings from the free 14 day demo of FrSIRT VNS, in short, they suck.