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Insecure Magazine Issue 6 - Fantastic article about the cost of Spyware to an organization,

Counter Hack Reloaded : A Step-by-Step Guide to Computer Attacks and Effective Defenses - 45% new content! Yeaaaah Ed and Tom!

Battle of the Botnets - "The change in botnets in part reflects internecine warfare among spammers in the past year in which competing worms sought to attack networks of already-compromised computers, turning control over to a new spam master."

Another IE "Exploit" - This one is made for phishers, URL address bar spoofing. Similar to the status bar spoofing.

Microsoft Says "Just Nuke It!" - I've always said this, and some people freak out when you tell them they need to format and re-install windows. I've recommended Symantec Ghost and Acronis. Listeners of FiT get discounts on Acronis.

OS X Users - Time to update to 10.4.6 - One security fix for Intel Macs and firmware.

Native OS X Nessus Client - W00t!

Wirless fasteners? - garage door opener + wireless fasteners + terrorist = planes diassembling themselves after take off.

Trendmicro info leak, no AV - No AV (from an AV company), and P2P apps to boot. Not only is policy important, so is enforcement.

Busted DHS for child indeceny - Who is policing the police? Discusion of keeping your kids safe on the internet, and keeping this out of your organization.

Rediscovery of Blacklisted411 - Now available at Barnes and Noble and others. The current issue has a great article on OpenWRT.

VXworks Wrt54g hacked! - DD-WRT mini install!