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Windows Users: Drop Your Pants - This is basically "DropMyRights", which ISC reported did not stop the createtextRange() vuln. Doh!

Multiple Firefox Flaws - Yes, firefox has flaws too. We've always said that software will contain bugs, Firefox included. BTW, it automatically patches itself and still ha way less 0days that IE. Also of interest, some of these were found by the 0Day Inititive from 3Com/Tipping point.

Digg - Rhode Island is set to be the first wireless state in the nation.

Sploitcast #8 - Go listen to this, really cool stuff, like putting p0f in your darknet. Mmmmmm, darknets....

Mob boss uses weak ciphers - Hey twitchy, nah, nevermind... Supposedly it he was using the Caesar Cipher, also known as a shift cipher, like the ones we learned about in 3rd grade.

Oracle Fixes Even more vulnerabilities - Oraclerelease 36 patches. Any for thier own accidentaly disclosed? Updated tool for password checking for admins and haxors alike.

No more patches for 98 and ME - 'Bout time. Paul's Windows 3.11 system runs better and more stable than ME anyways...

Insecure.org bans Microsoft - Good to see they are reading. Maybe it was a bad honeymonkey? Dear M$, learn about security from Security Weekly Security Weekly

Security education - Good tips. Send us your suggestions!

Cisco wireless: Pwned in 1 easy step - How to pwn a Cisco Wireless network the easy way - configure it teh way you want. Paul, did you say WISM or JISM?

Open Source folks are k-r@d r00tk!t3rs - ...but they teach you to defend!