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<star wars music>

A long time ago, in an IRC channel far far away.....

Paul: Young padawan, we have reviewed your training, and the council has come to a decision

Larry: Your security skills are impressive, but you will not be a Jedi yet!

Twitchy: <whining> But masters, I know I'm ready!

Paul: It is true, your Metasploit-orian count is high, and you possess compilation skills like no other.

Larry: ...and your mastery of the security concepts are clear. But, young padawan, we find your lack of focus disturbing.

Twitchy: Oooh, popcorn! (sound of light sabers) (for opening the bag of course!)

Paul: Our decision is final. You will continue your training with the masters.

Twitchy: <crunch> <crunch> <said with a mouthful> Yes masters.

Paul: Young padawan, don't forget: Lack of focus leads to sloppiness, sloppiness leads to misconfiguration, and misconfiguration leads to compromise.

Twitchy: Yes masters, I will heed your words well.

<exit star wars music>

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