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Theme Music, Episode 27 for May 13, 2006

"Welcome to Security Weekly, Episode 27 for May 13, 2006"

From the PSW studios

“Welcome to this edition of Security Weekly, "

"I am your host Paul Asadoorian, “and I’m your co-host Larry Pesce" and we've also got our extra pecial host Twitchy. Also joining us in the studio today is Kevin Amorin, author of PacketFence. Kevin, tell us a little about PacketFence!


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Last weeks winner was Christian who stated "the initial standard for 802.16 was 10-66 GHz freq. the updated 802.16a is sub 11ghz (2-11ghz)" Contact info for free book, etc....

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On to listener feedback...

TMUP Promo 100th show - IT Crowd - Listner Feedback

<DO NOT READ ON SHOW> Guys, maybe a little different format. Let's try to paraphrase, to shorten.<END>

Jon Barber writes:

Dear paul,

The recent item you had on rootkits has prompted me to write to mention a great site that I've really enjoyed, and maybe others would profit from. www.pulltheplug.org hosts some excellent wargames, especially the vortex games. These are a really excellent way of learning how to write exploits using shellcode & buffer overflows, some of which aren't that widely known about.

The community centred there are really knowledgeable and helpful with any problems playing the games. I learned a lot playing these games, and the sense of satisfaction you get from completing a level is immense.

Please check it out, and maybe give it a mention if you find it of use ?

Dustin writes:

Oh and what GPS device to you guys recommend for war driving? Also what card and external antenna to use? I have a Dell notebook with the Intel ABG wireless card in it but I wanna get a external antenna onto it but you cant with it.

Kevin Amorin writes, er, kevin, why don't you tell us what you wrote!:

Hey guys,

I like to send out packets to black whole ips and watch on the span for DNS reverse requests for that IP. A easy way to detect some sniffers, if they are using default configs


Paul Batitsta writes:

To go along with the BMW article here is some further reading on RFID hacking,


On the topic of promiscuous mode detection- A nifty way Ed Skoudis described was to put a packet on the wire with a incorrect destination mac address but correct IP address and wait for a response. If the host responds you know it should not have seen that packet but did anyways and is therefore in promiscuous mode.

[Music] Story Time With Twitchy

Twitchy tells us a hacking story about something...

Paul also has a story about Best Buy!


Fecal Matter Manipulation - News


Episode26 Show Notes

George Class Promo - FiT Stinger

Syngress question of the week: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?

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