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Stories For Discussion

Etheral Author of etheral leaves for pcap, etheral now called Wireshark

Hack the USB way - Drop some trojaned USB keys in a Bank parking lot, and see how many get plugged in.

Envision Power board gets hacked at Circuit City - ...and gets users infected with Galapoper on unpatched versions of IE

Blue bag exposes what? - ...exposes Bluetooth vulnerabilities. Cool research, sounds like Blueballs. Bluetooth is like sex - better with protection.

Windows 95/98 drivers with virus - Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it. This happened in 2000.

Neat wireless toys - Wireless camera hunter. Just goes to show unencrypted, unauthenticated wireless is bad. Other devices exist, but this one is new.

YMCA loses info on 68,000 - More laptop losses with more personal data. This time close to home.

Skype as the Attack Vector - Scary stuff Skype as a command and control channel? Yikes! Thanks Dancho!

Alternate Data Stream Redux - Joxean Koret explains how modern Anti-Virus software misses ADS

RFID @ The World Cup - German officials embrace RFID embedded tickets for security

Supporting Documents

ADS ins and outs - GCFW Honor paper explaining how ADS works