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Announcements & Shameless Plugs

Security Weekly - Episode 330 for Thursday May 2nd, 2013

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Interview: Andrew Righter

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After 5 years of diving into the Security world head first, Andrew has finally come up bruised, beaten and a little less stupid. Like most hackers, he has ripped apart, modified and rewritten every electron and every bit possible - and under proper supervision has even gotten to play with a few really expensive toys. He now spends his time bootstrapping his DARPA CFT project (Netoko), hacking automotive networks (GoodThopter), or playing with academics as a Visiting Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania.

LinkedIn or the Twitter (@theqlabs).

The GoodThopter is a sexy GoodFET CAN device based around the design of the GoodFET31.

What is Netoko?

What is the Goodthopter? Sniffing or Injection? How can I get one?

Why Car hacking? I mean these things are secure, right?

What is a Visiting Scholar?

Special Segment: Banasidhe on BSidesLV

Banasidhe is currently the volunteer Producer and President of the Board for Security BSides Las Vega and is a self-proclaimed Safety & Security Fascist. Her actual day job is Director of Operations for a division of the Open Security Foundation, where she's working on finding the funding to pull the site out of beta and into the stark, glaring light of day. She is on tonight to discuss the BSidesLV Proving Ground Track


  • Larry teaching SANS SEC617 all over and coming to a city near you in 2013. It isn't too Late to sign up for my class in San Diego this May!
  • If you are interested in hosting SANS Training in the Boston area via the mentor format, please send us an email at mike -at - hacknaked.tv! We're looking for a location that can host 2 hours in the evening, 1 night a week, for 10 weeks.


Paul's Stories

  1. Open IP ports let anyone track ships on Internet - As part od Rapid7's research into serial converters connected to the Internet they found they could track the location of ships. Not just cruise ships, but military ships as well. Not only is this system used to track ships, but its also used to make sure they don't crash. In theory, you could inject data and make ships crash? Lets hope there are other safeguards in place and the captains are not asleep at the wheel. Also, they could intercept messages between the ships, similar to TXT messages. Hopefully there is no sexting going on at sea...
  2. Printers - You might believe that SNMP, NTP and Chargen are not security risks. However, what do those protocols have in common? 1) they are UDP allowing for easily spoofing the source IP and 2) They respond with more data than they are requesting, making them useful for DDoS attacks. This is all about being a good neighbor, like a bad neighbor attackers are there, or something. What do we do? Give these people Internet security tickets?
  3. The 7 elements of a successful security awareness program - The first two are really about communication and collaboration. If everyone is not on board with a plan to educate, it will fail. One of the other most important things is metrics and measuring. You have to be able to measure the effectiveness of your program, and make changes when its not working. One of the big ones for me is creativity, making it easy, effective and keeping people's attention is really key to a good education program. Not to mention scalability, which means you take out the human and make people watch videos or interactive training, then how do you keep people from falling alseep?
  4. Smart-Meter Blackouts Risk To UK - I love, love, love this quote: "Smart meters are essentially crap computers in a crap box," And thats just part of the problem..
  5. Ultra-Hackable Google Glass Could Be A Security Nightmare - The possibilities are endless here,how about hacking Google glass to display porn to all users? Thats just awesome, oh, and these are based on Android. Go figure..
  6. Warnings Of Poor Security In Surveillance Cams - Same old story for embedded device security fail. How would you use this on a pen test?
  7. Practical HTTP Host Header Attacks
  8. Websites Harbor Fewer Flaws
  9. Another Hack
  10. XSS Vulnerability in Cisco sub domain found by 14 Years Old security researcher
  11. absorptions: Eavesdropping on a wireless keyboard

Larry’s Stories

  1. Twitter says hacks will continue… - [Larry] - Uh, how is this news, and why does twitter have to tell the major news outlets this? I guess to save face because several news outlets keep getting thier twitter feed hacked (not twitter itself), and even having the AP send a fake tweet that resulted in a stock market plunge. Looks like they may be working on two factor auth, as most of the attacks seem to be derived via spear phishing. Humans are the weakest link! On related news, twitter says you should have a separate computer JUST for twitter to prevent this type of thing from happening…
  2. D-Link Vulns - [Larry] - Yay, unauthenticated shell commands! No password hashing! Stored XSS in the SSID which can (I think) be changed without authentication. This is good stuff that one could have found utilizing the contents of the Hardware hacking, no axe required webcast :-)
  3. Amateur Radio Exams at DEFCON 21 - [Larry] - Get studying! I'll be one of the VE's.
  4. Java Signed Apps and Sandboxes - [Larry] - Hrm, an education on Java App signing, that I didn't (and If I didn't know there is likely someone else that didn't know). So, if you do not sign an app, it gets sandboxed. If it is signed, it can execute outside of a sandbox. However if called from a JNLP, it can be sandboxed, UNLESS the app is called with ah HTML tag, then even if requested to be sandboxed, it is given full privilege. This is why I am not a Java Developer, and one reason why Java is evil.
  5. [MACCDC] - [Larry] - How about a quick review of the badges? We intended them to be used as minipwners after the fact, but now you can make them in to pineapples too!

Jack’s Stories

Allison's Stories