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Episode Media


Exploit Of The Week


Linux Kernel > 2.6.13 < - Vulnerable to a well placed core dump file with some shell code in it, and by well placed I mean you put it in cron and it runs it (as root).

Story Time With "Twitchy"

Stories For Discussion

Our top 5 picks - Read, learn, and be informed.

Ohio University CIO Relieves himself, of duty - Must have been really bad for people to leave.

Uninformed Magazine Volume 4 - Haven't had a chance to read it, but cool articles.

Botnet Traffic Using Tor - Oh my! Article suggests blocking Tor within your networks, but its so useful!

Bejtlich Considered Wrong! - Not really, it seems to be a mis-understanding.

Top 11 Worst Security Mistakes - Very funny!

Kevin Mitnick Whitepaper on Social Engineering

Phishing MITM

Put on the brakes! - Our roles as security preofessionals - proactive, not reactive.

Anatomy of a Pentest - now with Pictures. Yet another great resource, go try out all of the tools with permission of course!

Botnets meet Tor - People report seeing Bot traffic flowing through the Tor Network

Hacker gets 9 years in prison - Ouchy!

If it's worth $$ back it up - Screenwriter losses his screenplays when DSL installer "cleans up" his desktop. Begs the question of backing up your lively hood, and trusting the random person the DSL company sends to "install" your dsl.

Websense uses google - No really, they are using the binary search feature to derive sites that contain malware, an Websense customers can block their users from ever going to these sites.

Other Stories Of Interest

Phising two factor authentication - Now we have more to think about when designing these systems.

Debian server comprimised - One of the Debian projects core development servers has been compromised. Server name was "Gluck" the following services are off line until the server is rebuilt: cvs, ddtp, lintian, people, popcon, planet, ports, release.

Bluecasing from T.W.A.T. - They did a great job. Go check it out - Episode 124.