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Story Time With "Twitchy"

Stories For Discussion

SANS Release Reading Room Podcast Feed -

Attacking Wireless Drivers: Macs just happened to be the example - This attack works on all platforms, the presenters chose OS X because most Mac people think they are secure due to the fact they are running a Mac. Right. They are also workingn on some cool wireless driver fingerprinting to compliment their exploit. Nice.

Security Weekly Report on Wireless Driver Vulnerabilities and a follow-up report.

Take The Blue Pill - Using virtualization to implant rootkits by Joanna Rutkowska who does some simply awesome research into rootkits.

Intel Issues Wireless Driver Patches - This fixes three vulnerabilities not related to the recent talk at blackhat. Also see the F-Secure write-up details some problems.

Metasploit 3.0 Beta 1 is released - Browser bugs now included, and "New Meterpreter features significantly help with penetration testing". Nice.

Analog Penetration Testing - It was cool how they did this and explained it in simple terms.

Apple Releasses A Boatload of Patches - DHCP and Bluetooth are just some that have been patched. No fix for wireless drivers though.

Other Stories Of Interest

Malicious Firefox Extension - This is really a piece of spyware that installs itself into Firefox as an "Extension" and is rather crafty about avoiding detection.

Turn The Internet Upside Down!

Centrino Vulnerability - Vulnerability exists in Centrino firmware which would be remotely exploitable.