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Episode Media


15 seconds of fame - Larry quoted in SC magazine about BlackHat.

CANVAS Goes Mobile - Ever feel that you look like a dork walking around with a laptop on a pen test?

"Full Disclosure" or "Full Cover-up"? - Does so-called "ethical" disclosure protect the vendors or the end-user? Are Macs really vulnerable? No one is answering, no one wants their image tarnished, meanwhile who will be 0wned next?

Blackberry 0wnage

Pocket PC MMS Attacks!

Possible Cisco PIX exploit - allws firewall bypass from external connections by using SIP. Don't enable incoming SIP with fixup!

Another WMF Bug, this one not as serious

Schneier Speaks out on Printer Security - Printer security has long been one of my favorite topics, as it often goes ignored. Schneier calls it out, hopefully people will pay more attention.

VA loses another computer - This time a desktop with 38,000 records. Stoledn form a "secure facility" at Unisys. Passwords required to access data.

Episode 159 of Binrev, DEFCON wrapup - Good to hear someone else's opinnion. Larry had a brief opportunity to meet Verbal.

cDc web based malware research community - Cool stuff. Upload your malware for community reverse engineering.

DEFCON presentations online - Excellent reading.

University of Florida Team Wins Defcon CTF - One of our very own listeners, John Sawyer, was on the winning team called 1@stplace. My favorite team name was "ourwivesarepissed", which is now the official nickname of this podcast.