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Stories For Discussion

Smokers Prefer IE - It appears that Marlboro is tailoring their site to IE, does smoking and using IE go hand in hand? See also Faux Disclosure

MoBB #30 was silently fixed

Who did what? - Apple says no code delivered on wirels vuln, and says it was a 3rd party USB adapter.

WiMax's Small Steps to Security - So, this article was good for a laugh this morning and I quote, ""I don't think WiMax is any less secure than WiFi or cellular, both of which I think are secure," says Ken Dulaney, VP of mobile computing at Gartner Inc."

Black Hat Flaw Eludes Cisco - Cisco is unable to reproduce Blackhat flaw.

Putting the fun in Browser Fun - So, after the month of browser exploits that many thought were not exploitable, a paper is released that shows you how. Sweet.

Bruce Schneier blogs our story from last week

Fuzzing the Vista IP Stack

Wipe your A$$, er, hard drive - Researchers still continue to buy drive off of eBay with personal info, and child porn.

UK police want you encryption keys - So that they can uncover evidence on criminals. That sounds like self incrimination to me.

No Link - tons of Linux Kernel Vulnerabilities! Go update now.

IPv6 for covert channel - lack of support and adoption, means people dont understand...so lets use it to hide stuff...

Verbatim Interview with Johnny Cache and David Maynor - So, the scary thing is, what if the only way to fix some of these bugs is in hardware.

RIM's response to trojan threat - They make great points - the default setup is secure, but what techie leaves the default setup? Examine your policies closely.

Blue boxing with Asterisk - A plugin for Asterisk that allows for good old fashioned blue boxing from Mark Abene (Phiber 0pitk).

Cicso can't reproduce SIP flaw - Hmmm, more faux disclosure? At least that they are still trying to investigate.

Other Stories Of Interest

Passive OS Fingerprinting with p0f and ettercap video

Test Your IDS

Patch me up - by "Rootkit" - very funny video/song.

Microsoft Nabs Anti-Virus Ace from Symantec

Burp Suite has been updated - For web application hacking, fun stuff! (Burp)

UMIT - An Nmap Front End