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(15 Seconds of silince)

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Theme Music, Episode 44 for September 15, 2006


This episode is sponsored by Syngress Publishing where you can learn how to Hack Kismet, secure RFID and learn how to cheat at information security management.

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This episode is also sponsored by Core Security Technologies, helping you penetrate your network. Now with version 6.0, put those *ahem

  • smug OS X users in thier place wth new supported client platforms!

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"Welcome to Security Weekly, Episode 44 for September 15th, 2006"

From the PSW studios

This is Security Weekly I am your host, Paul Asadoorian. "And I am your co-host Larry Pesce". and the one the only twitchy. We also have our new semi-occasional cohost Joe Conlin with us!


- See Twitchy at Toorcon, and the whole crew at SANS Las Vegas for a live show

- See our new cafepress store! Get twitchy panties!

- Check out the video of the mac wireless driver vulnerability.

- Don't forget our Frappr map, Itunes comments.

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