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Paul's Security Weekly - Episode 454 - 6:00PM

Recorded March 3rd 2016

This week we interview not one, but two, no three, oh well, a whole bunch of our friends from InGuardians! We'll experiment with a new format and talk about some enterprise security trends and advice. Security news for this week covers more SSL fail, security is about trust (duh), ransomware targeting Wordpress, and so much more so stay tuned!

Episode Audio


  • InfoSec World 2016, returning to Disney’s Contemporary Resort on April 4-6, 2016, will present over 100 industry experts who will share hands-on, practical advice on a range of security topics. From understanding your adversary to learning about the zero-day exploit market to bridging the gap between security and the business, InfoSec World 2016 will offer an opportunity for security professionals to learn something new and test ideas with peers. Join us in Orlando to increase your information security knowledge, and help the security community get one step closer to Unlocking Security's Message.
  • Paul's big announcement

Interview with Inguardians - 6:00PM-7:00PM

  1. Three words to describe yourself.
  2. If you were a serial killer, what would be your weapon of choice?
  3. If you wrote a book about yourself, what would the title be?
  4. In the popular game of ass grabby-grabby, do you prefer to go first or second?
  5. Choose two celebrities to be your parents.

Stories of the Week - 7:00PM-8:00PM

Paul's Stories

  1. Tablets dead after six years
  2. "Palo Alto Networks CEO At RSA: Security Isn't About Technology
  3. Apple Reissues Security Update After Blocking Ethernet on Mac OS X
  4. Samsung now shipping 15.36TB PM1633a SSD -- world's largest capacity solid state drive
  5. Reinvented Ransomware Now Targeting WordPress Sites
  6. Over 700 Million Records Breached In 2015
  7. Is Your Smartphone Listening To You?
  8. DROWN Flaw Illustrates Dangers Of Intentionally Weak Crypto
  9. Hardcoded God-Mode Code Found In RSA 2016 Badge-Scanning App
  10. I got hacked mid-air while writing an Apple-FBI story
  11. Troy Hunt: Controlling vehicle features of Nissan LEAFs across the globe via vulnerable APIs
  12. GitHub - firmadyne/firmadyne: Main repository
  13. GitHub - AFITWiSec/EZ-Wave: Tools for Evaluating and Exploiting Z-Wave Networks using Software-Defined Radios.
  14. CCDC Quals Notes (metasploit) Carnal0wnage - Attack Research Blog Carnal0wnage & Attack Research Blog

Larry's Stories

Jack's Stories

Joff's Stories

  1. Turing Cryptography Award
  2. OpenSSL Drown Attack

Carlos' Stories

Michael's Stories

  1. Teacher pushed to resign after student grabs nude pics from her phone
  2. Facebook exec freed by Brazilian police after arrest over Whatsapp messages

Jeff's Stories

Kevin's Stories