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Theme Music, Episode 49 for October 17th, 2006


This episode is sponsored by Syngress Publishing where you can learn how to Hack Kismet, secure RFID and learn how to cheat at information security management.

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"Welcome to Security Weekly, Episode 49 for October 17th, 2006"

From the PSW studios

This is Security Weekly I am your host, Paul Asadoorian. "And I am your co-host Larry Pesce". We also have the ever popular Twitchy and Mr. Joe C., director of promotions.


- No show next week, as the PDC studios are moving. We will release an AirPWN video instead.

- Plans for Larry's RFId implant are being finalized.

- Frappr, iTunes comments, Cafepress, FiT Forums (which BTW, we are donating our modest profits to charity)

- Response from Cedric Blancher on WiFiTap:

I'd been pleased to hear you guys refering to my Wifitap tool in your last PSW issue. Thx. However, it's not a cover channel ;) Well, it could be, but it was not intented for that.

The idea behind Wifitap is to allow a non-associated station, in monitor mode, to communicate with any associated station on the same WiFi network. At first, I wrote it because I wanted a PoC that could bypass station isolation measures, supposed to prevent hosts to attack each other in a wireless LAN (similar to PVLAN). And so it does, and much more, as it goves you full bidirectional IP communication with any associated station: you can scan, attack, whatever you may think of. One may think of using this tool on a WiFi hotspot for instance.

My last preso at Bellua has a section on this, starting from slide 38 to 49:


However, as Python is slow, it does not scale? If network is loaded, then Wifitap will loose packets and your communication will be all the more shaky. In the last versions, I also added standalone tools like airpwn, but acting on ARP, pings and DNS traffic.

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Story Time with Twitchy



Episode49 Show Notes


[Sygress Question of the Week]

(Just a suggestion guys) What is the CVE# of the Debian Kernel do_brk exploit, and how many other do_brk exploits have CVE numbers?

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