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Paul's Security Weekly #550

Recorded March 8, 2018 at G-Unit Studios in Rhode Island!

Episode Audio


  • Larry Pesce
    Senior Managing Consultant and Director of Research at InGuardians, SANS Instructor.
  • Joff Thyer
    SANS Instructor, penetration tester, and Security Researcher at Black Hills Information Security.
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    Interview:Stefano Righi, UEFI - 6:00PM-6:45PM

    Stefano Righi
    is part of the Response Team at UEFI Forum/AMI.
    Stefano has over 35 years of experience in research and development. He is currently Vice President for American Megatrend, which he joined in 1999. Stefano has responsibilities ranging from new products definition, management of development process across multiple locations, strategic partnerships, OEM projects, coordination of security related initiatives. Stefano is representing AMI on the UEFI Forum Board of Directors and serves on the UEFI Security Response Team. He has a distinct experience in innovation and is the author of 22 published patents and 8 pending patents. He has also overseen several OEM projects and has been instrumental to extend the AMI product line beyond BIOS into preboot application.
    1. What is UEFI Specification?
    2. What problems is UEFI solving?
    3. When did UEFI first come to the market?
    4. What makes UEFI different from other BIOS systems/bootloaders?
    5. What are some of the things that can go wrong when updating?
    6. What can we do to prevent and/or recover quickly from an update?
    7. What's it like to work for a company focused on a targeted area of computing such as the BIOS?
    8. What are some of the advances made in BIOS technology that are significant?
    9. We don't often see the BIOS screen flash any longer on modern computers, how come?
    10. Why don't more companies implement secure boot processes? How could this help security? – we can’t speak to why other’s don’t implement it, but we implement the secure boot process.
    11. What are some of the really cool implementations of UEFI?

    Tech Seg: Sven Morgenroth, Netsparker - 6:45-7:45PM

    Sven Morgenroth, Security Researcher at Netsparker
    Sven Morgenroth is a security researcher at Netsparker. He found filter bypasses for Chrome's XSS auditor and several web application firewalls. He likes to exploit vulnerabilities in creative ways and has hacked his smart TV without even leaving his bed. Sven writes about web application security and documents his research on the Netsparker blog.
    Slides for this Tech Segment

    Security News - 7:45PM-8:30PM

    Larry's Stories

    1. Cisco hardcoded passwords
    2. Memcahed DDoS will be a big deal - and some more, and a killswitch
    3. CTFR - Subdomain bruteforcing via TLS certificate transparency....scripted]
    4. Kali on windows

    Keith's Stories

    1.) FinFisher exposed: A researcher’s tale of defeating traps, tricks, and complex virtual machines

    2.) Sysadmin left finger on power button for an hour to avert SAP outage

    3.) NETSCOUT Arbor Confirms 1.7 Tbps DDoS Attack; The Terabit Attack Era Is Upon Us

    4.) Equifax recovers $114 million on $26.5 million in expenses from their breach

    5.) 'We Got To Be Cool About This': An Oral History of theL0pht

    6.) Facebook Keeps A File On All Internet Users And Here Is How To Get Yours

    Joff's Stories

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