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Theme Music, Episode 77 for July 19th, 2007


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"Welcome to Security Weekly, Episode 77 for July 19th, 2007"

From the Security Weekly Security Weekly Studio.

This is Security Weekly I am your host Paul Asadoorian, and I am your co-host Larry Pesce, as well as our new co-host, Andy! Mr. Joe C., are you out there?


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    • Security 450: Defeating Rogue Access Points Wednesday, July 25, 2007
    • Security 550: Google Hacking and Defense Wednesday, August 29
  • Book! We have a new contest! Send your pics to psw@securityweekly.com of you with your book - (winners choice) WRT54GL or WRTSL54GS! Those with the PDF still qualify. Only bought the PDF? Put the cover on your screen, or print out the cover page and include it in your picture. Head to the wrt54ghacks.com blog for more information.
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  • SANS Las Vegas, Sept 27th 5:30PM Podcast, Sept 28th SEC535 embedded device hacking taught by Paul, Septh 28th 5-midnight and Septh 29th 9-12 SANS hacking challenge hosted by Paul, interviews with larry!
  • Check out the beer listing by episode in the wiki.

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The SensePost African word of the week is "Ubuntu", which is also the name of a popular Linux distribution that is built in South Africa. The word Ubuntu is actually a Zulu word meaning “humanness. Mail (where?) this word, along with proof of enrollment to any 'Hacking By Numbers' course at Black, Hat Las Vegas and receive a free software license for any SensePost hacking tool worth $ 200. Visit www.sensepost.com/training for more information.

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