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Security Weekly Espanol - Episodio Uno para Viernes, Abril 1ero, 2011.

  • SOURCE Boston on April 20 - 22- Paul and Larry will be there to hang out, talk beer and drink security.
  • Security Weekly Blackhat Training - More details coming soon, but we are on track to offer "Offensive Countermeasures: Making Defense Sexy" as a two-day course at Blackhat this summer in Vegas baby! Registration links coming...
  • DerbyCon : Louisville, Kentucky – September 30th to October 2, 2011 with practically all of Security Weekly in attendance. Catch our special training session on "How to survive a Dave Rel1k Man Hug".

Guest Interview: Julio Canto from Virus Total

Download Episode 1 Here!

Carlos Perez interviews Julio Canto of the Virus Total malware submission site. Virus Total is a free file analysis service that allows users to submit possible malware samples and potentially malicious URLs to multiple antivirus engines for investigation.

Carlos and Julio discuss the history and possible mobile future of Virus Total, current events (HB Gary hack, Georgia Weidman's ShmooCon presentation), and Larry's adventures with Thermite.