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Interview With GNUCITIZEN

  • Guests include pdp and Adrian P

Check them out at


  • How did you all get started in computer security?
  • What were some of the things that you first started hacking?
  • What is GNUCITIZEN and what is its mission?
  • Do you guys have day jobs? :)
  • Tell us about your philosophy behind hacking embedded systems?
  • Can you give us some examples of embedded system vulnerabilities, how you discovered them, and why it matters?
  • Tell us about social networking insecurity and pwning someone's identity
  • Tell us about the router hacking contest? What were some of the vulnerabilities that you've found, who won and why?
  • Why did you scan the Internet for SNMP?
  • Tell us about hacking network cameras, how you discovered the vulnerabilities, and why it matters
  • Why should we care about the (in)security of mDNS and Bonjour? What is it and how can it be exploited?
  • What can the industry do better to prevent these vulnerabilities from happeneing, specifically the vendors?
  • Favorite "hacker" movie?
  • Tell us about any other projects that you've been working on?