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About The Security Weekly Podcast Network

We at Security Weekly are happy to accommodate you, or your organization, as a guest on any of our podcasts. Podcasts are recorded in both audio and video formats and distributed to a wide audience of security professionals from around the world. Our shows and other offerings currently include:

  1. Paul's Security Weekly - A technically-focused, long format, show that has been available to the security community for over 11 years. This show focuses on security offense and includes interviews, technical segments, and a security news discussion.
  2. Enterprise Security Weekly - A higher-level view of security with an enterprise security solutions focus. This show is intended primarily for defenders and covers enterprise security news and a discussion of a different enterprise security topic each week.
  3. Business Security Weekly - This is the show where we explore the business of security to improve the security of business. We are your trusted source for actionable insights on leadership, communication, and innovation.
  4. Application Security Weekly - Covering cutting-edge issues surrounding Application Security - including DevSecOps, "the Cloud", Open Source Software, and many other topics. This show is intended primarily for developers, application security engineers, and managers that want to be conversational in this arena.
  5. Secure Digital Life - Focused on introducing viewers to technology and security topics. Secure Digital Life explains the issues, technology, and security concepts you hear about in the news and on other shows on the network.
  6. Hack Naked News - A short 20-minute show on the latest security news (everything from new offensive/defensive tools, breaches, security laws, privacy, etc...). This is the morning paper for those interested in all things security.
  7. Webcasts - We offer lead-generating webcasts that are advertised to our existing audience through the use of mailing lists, social media, and podcasts. Several webcast programs are pre-packaged and readily available or we can work with you to create a custom webcast campaign.

You can find full descriptions and links on how to subscribe to all of our shows at

Security Weekly Appearance Policy

Given the popularity of our shows and the high volume of requests, the following rules and guidelines apply:

  1. Security Weekly is open to accommodating guests from the security community, free of charge, provided you (or the guest you are representing) fall into one of two categories:
    1. a. If the guest has performed significant research in the field of information security, hacking, compliance or privacy-related work and that research is made fully available to the public;
    2. b. If the guest has made a contribution to the community via open-source and/or free software that is of benefit to the security community.
  2. If you represent a security or technology vendor (e.g. you sell software, hardware, and/or you provide security and/or other professional services) and you are requesting someone from your organization appear on the show, and you do not meet the guidelines in option 1a or 1b above, then please send email to We have several advertising packages available and would love to work with you to find a program that works for you.
    1. a. If you are contacting us and request a rate card and want nothing more, sorry, we work exclusively with organizations willing to build successful marketing programs across our podcasts and webcasts. If you are shopping for the cheapest podcast advertising, we wish you the best of luck and are likely not the right fit.
  3. If you are contacting us on behalf of another organization (e.g. you work for a Public Relations company), we are happy to work with you as well provided: The content you are recommending fits in either 1a or 1b, or you are willing to work with us and your client to build a successful marketing campaign that includes our podcasts and/or webcasts.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions or would like to suggest a guest or speak with us about advertising, please send email to