Hack Naked TV August 13 2015

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Black Hills Information Security

Hack Nacked TV - Recorded August 13th 2015

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Welcome to another episode of Hack Naked TV recorded August 13th 2015. We’ll be talking about the recent BIND DOS exploit, Windows 10, Kali 2.0, and more!


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Aaron's Stories

  1. BIND9 DOS exploit
  2. BIND9 DOS vulnerability actively being exploited
  3. US government going to retaliate for OPM breach
  4. Windows 10 privacy settings
  5. Windows 10 critical vulnerabilities
  6. Ubiquiti "CEO fraud"
  7. Google Alphabet
  8. Kali 2.0 released
  9. Top 10 Kali 2.0 install tips
  10. Oracle CSO "Don't. Just Don't."
  11. More on the Oracle drama
  12. Windows 2003 alive and well on the web