Hack Naked TV January 19 2016

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Black Hills Information Security

Hack Nacked TV - Recorded January 19th 2015

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Welcome to another episode of Hack Naked TV recorded January 19th 2016. Aaron talks about Holiday DDoS attacks, Fortigate backdoors, Ubuntu Privileged escalations, and Shodan the big threat to security.


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Aaron's Stories

  1. Linode 10 day DDos
  2. Linode status page
  3. BBC New Year's DDoS
  4. BBC's own take on it
  5. Fortigate backdoor exploit code
  6. Fortigate, "It's not a backdoor!"
  7. Privilege escalation in Ubunto 14.04LTS/15.10 with overlayfs
  8. overlayfs exploit code
  9. Checkpoint advisor about Shodan
  10. Why blocking Shodan won't protect you
  11. SchmooCon Hiring List