Hack Naked TV July 14 2015

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Black Hills Information Security

Hack Nacked TV - Recorded July 14th 2015

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Welcome to another episode of Hack Naked TV recorded July 10th 2015. We’ll be talking more about the ongoing findings from the Hacking Team Breach, a new OpenSSL vuln, and Security Summer Camp


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Aaron's Stories

  1. Yet another Adobe 0-day from Hacking Team
  2. Mozilla blocks Flash saying it is no longer secure
  3. Hacking Team Blames unnamed government for breach
  4. New OpenSSL High Severity Vulnerability that doesn't impact any major browers or distros
  5. Redhat's disclosure for the OpenSSL Vulnerability
  6. Debian's disclosure for the OpenSSL Vulnerability
  7. Tips for old timers attending Hack Summer Camp