Hack Naked TV May 22 2015

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Black Hills Information Security

In this episode we talk about a number of vulnerabilities, and breaches that occurred over the last two weeks. Also, we talk about security companies extorting organizations to sell a service. Lastly, a demo of a command and control channel over ICMP is performed.

Episode Media

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Beau's Stories

  1. 1.1 million records stolen in Carefirst breach
  2. Potentially thousands of Charter Communications customer records leaked
  3. Venom virtualization software escape
  4. Downgrade TLS connections via vulnerability in Diffie-Hellman key exchange
  5. Remotely exploitable kernel stack buffer overflow in millions of routers
  6. Possible extortion from a security vendor in order to get more work - LabMD & Tiversa
  7. Command and control channel over ICMP
  8. Mored command and control channels written in PowerShell