Hack Naked TV October 1 2015

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Hack Nacked TV - Recorded October 1st 2015

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Welcome to another episode of Hack Naked TV recorded October 1st 2015. Today Aaron talks about BitPay, OPM, Volkswagen, and new TrueCrypt Flaws.


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Aaron's Stories

  1. BitPay's breach insurance claim denied
  2. Total Fingerprints taken in OPM breach now at 5.6M
  3. CIA removes its staff from the US Beijing Embassy
  4. US and China agree not to hack
  5. Volkswagen hacks emission testing
  6. New flaws in TrueCrypt alllow full system compromise
  7. 7 days till the TrueCrypt flaws are released
  8. If you missed DerbyCon watch the videos here