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Listener Feedback Episode 2 draft

windows not best platform for security-

adrian crenshaw(irongeek) sez: haxxor, nmap video

seth fogee ( nikon coolpix p1 software- wireless to printer? PHEW

raoul syles: sans pen testing sponsored by core- good, but biased?

david (from UK?)- steve gibson https password generator 64 char

dano (HI)remote management solutions: need secure remote man ->windows host with gui: 1. aes 256 bit encryption secure 2. VNC paid version (tunnel realvnc) 3. RDP; not by default though (vulnerable to MIM attack)

john lowry: fuzzy hashing -> yes same as on cyberspeak..... ssdeep

tadaka- defensive tools for macs; HIDS for OSX; ->defaults blows goats

Certs, what do you have, whats the recommendations? -> cisco certs ccna, sans security essentials, CISP (through sans- requires field experience)

offsite security- encryption only for admin rights, can we do just password -> sudo for windows

hamachi- can u trust it? -> only the key exchange goes through them. relies on closed source encryption (phewski)

Questions about sans? call or email them. Super fast response

irongeek sez: canvas is hot

twitchy matrix theme- thumbs up

wireless forensic product-

raoul- some link

joe- bandwidth shaping to replace ISA. network composer