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TechWeb Article - Man Fined and Sentenced to Court Supervision for Wireless Piggybacking - David M. Kauchak has been fined US$250 and sentenced to one year of court supervision for accessing another person's wireless network without permission. Kauchak was arrested after he was seen sitting in his parked car with his computer. More here: Man fined $250 in first area case of Internet piracy

From SANS NewsBites:

[Editor's Note (Schultz): I know many people who "piggyback" on others' wireless networks without any fear of being punished. Perhaps the ruling in this case will help them change their minds concerning engaging in such activity. ]

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Illinois Man Arrested For War Driving - Do I go to jail for auditing wireless in my own environment/campus/facility? What happens if I "accidentally" connect to another Wifi network? More Here