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  1. Grab WAV file from CompactFlash and copy it to laptop with Sound track pro
  2. Open STP and create a new multitrack file. Drag the wav file into a new multi-track project
  3. Double click on the track, it will ask you to save it as a .stap file. Save the file.
  4. If editing a stereo track, highlight just the left channel (position mouse in corner to get the "l" to appear").
  5. Select File -> New File From Selection
  6. Once you have a new stap file highlight silence, then go to the menu and choose "Select Noise", then select "Set Noise Fingerprint".
  7. Select Noise Reduction, and move the slider until the noise is gone and it sounds okay.
  8. Save the file and close the tab
  9. Do the same for the other channel
  10. Import both new STAP files into a new multitrack document
  11. Apply the limiter, compressor, and noise gate to the "OUT1" and adjust as needed
  12. Choose file - Export - Export Mix... (24 bit, 44.1Hz)
  13. Take the resulting AIFF file and drag into your iTunes Library
  14. Right click on the file and choose "Convert Selection to Mp3"
  15. Right click on the mp3 file in iTunes and choose get info
  16. Fill in all the fields and chooose the album art
  17. Make the blog posting to the announcements blog, include same picture used for album art, update the description
  18. Make the RSS feed entry, use blog post as text, make sure Wiki show notes link is added to iTunes fields
  19. FTP the mp3 file up to libsyn

Stereo track tips for Skype

you just need to import the stereo track, then highlight one channel at a time and save it as separate files then everything else is the same

(1:20:02 PM) larry: do you need to re-import them after that?

(1:20:05 PM) paul: yea, when you hover over the stereo track you will see like a little "L" or "R" which means when you highlight you only get that channel then File -> New -> File From Selection then do the noise reduction on the individual channels, save then drag both tracks into the multitrack editor sometimes you may have to put the compressor on each channel then do limiter and noise gate on the out1