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RSA 2020 Episode 9 - 2020-02-26

Episode Audio

RSA 2020 Episode 9


Interview: Collaborative Vulnerability Tracking & Remediation - 6:00-6:45PM


Vulnerabilities and exposures comes from many different sources. Plextrac allows you you to bring in data from anywhere and track those findings across your entire organization. Plextrac includes role-based access control, which means your ops, sysadmins, developers and executives each can have their own view into the organizations vulnerability findings and remediation status. Learn more at!

Guest: Bio:
Daniel DeCloss is President / CEO at PlexTrac
Dan DeCloss is the Founder and CEO of PlexTrac and has over 15 years of experience in Cybersecurity. Dan started his career in the Department of Defense and then moved on to consulting where he worked for various companies including serving as a Principal Consultant for Veracode on the penetration testing team. Dan's background is in application security and penetration testing, involving hacking networks, websites, and mobile applications for clients. He has also served as a Principal Security Engineer for the Mayo Clinic and a Sr. Security Advisor for Anthem. Prior to PlexTrac, Dan was the Director of Cybersecurity for Scentsy where he and his team built the security program out of its infancy into a best-in-class program. Dan has a master’s degree in Computer Science from the Naval Postgraduate School with an emphasis in Information Security. Additionally, Dan holds the OSCP and CISSP certifications. Dan has a passion for helping everyone understand cybersecurity at a practical level, ensuring that there is a good understanding of how to reduce their overall risk.


Paul Asadoorian - Founder & CTO at Security Weekly