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Renderman is a wireless propeller head, avid wardriver and member of the church of WiFi. Renerman is also a fixture at some of the best security conferences.

  • Were you interested in information security before 802.11 became prevalent? If so, what aspects were you interested in?
  • How did you get into Wardriving?
  • You have a penchant for stuffing stuff inside of other stuff, eg, an AP inside a teddybear. How did you come up with this stuff, and what is next?
  • Tell us about the Church of Wifi. What do they do, who are they, etc.
  • DECFON 15 Wireless Village? What is that all about?
  • We talk a lot about wireless on the show, and we tend to talk about the Linux based tools. Do you use a lot of Windows wireless tools?
  • What's in your wireless areseanal? Tell us about your wardiving setup.
  • You've co-authored RFID Security from Syngress. Can you tell us a litle bit about it?
  • What are some of the other projects that you are working on, to the extent that you an talk about them? Do you need help acquiring a working Teddy Ruxpin?
  • How did you get the name Renderman? What's with the hat (and not to mention the freakishly long arms!)?