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Interview With Chris "Roamer" Hurley,10801,94225,00.html

Wardriving & Wireless Penetration Testing

WarDriving: Drive, Detect, Defend: A Guide to Wireless Security

Chris's "Other" Web Site


How did you get started with computers and eventually computer security?

What peeked your interest in war driving and wirless security?

Tell us about the World Wide Wireless War Drive, how did it get started and what was its purpose?

How does it differ from the Def Con war drive? What is its purpose?

Do you think people have learned and gotten better at locking down their wireless networks?

Tell about Chris Hurley's war driving rig.

There are many different opinions on the legality of "Wireless piggybacking" where you use someone elses open wireless network. We even did an entire show on it. What are your thoughts? Is it legal? Moral? Okay in certain circumstances?

People are always asking us what kind of hardware to buy for wireless pen testing and hacking. Any recommendations?

What do you think about the current wireless driver vulnerability situation?

We are seeing more and more municipal WiFi, do you think this is a good idea? Some implementations are going to use WiMax down to the client level, does this present yet another wireless hacking platform?

If could, give us an overview of a wireless pen test. How does it differ from a regular pen test? Do you do this remotely or on site?

Tell us about your latest book, "Wardriving and Wireless Penetration Testing".

Tell us, and our listeners too, how to Cheat at securing a wireless network. I'm all for winning, but ya know, win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat :)

Which chaper in the "Stealing The Network: How to 0wn and Identity" did you write? What was that experience like?

What is your recommendation for securing home wireless network and a companies wireless network?

I see you also did some work on "OS X For the Hackers Heart", r u a Mac user?

[Record sweeper!]