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Secure Digital Life #46

Recorded on December 26, 2017 at G-Unit Studios in Rhode Island!

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  • Doug White
    Cybersecurity professor, President of Secure Technology, and Security Weekly network host.
  • Russell Beauchemin
    Cybersecurity & Network Security Program Advisor and Director of Instructional Support & Learning Innovation at Roger Williams University.
  • 2017

    2017: Wrap Up

    Significant events:

    • Most notable, the Equifax scandal.

    Key point, identity theft in 2018 Avoiding the IRS scam Discussion of the more dangerous IRS fake tax filing scams

    • Re-recommend

    Credit Report Freeze Be ever watchful and aware of spear phishing scams in the new year

    • Shadow Brokers, Wannacry, BadRabbit, etc.

    Released all sorts of secret tools belonging to the NSA toolkit resulted in a massive increase in portable malware Ransomware as a result (viz. Wannacry)

    • Re-Recommend

    Using good backups out of band Using anti malware ( Ensure your critical data is protected and restorable

    • Voting machines

    Well...not as big a risk as maybe everyone wants it to be Voting records though, huge exposure Not to mention email exposures

    • Scada -- Electrical systems in the Ukraine being brought down etc.
    • So the biggest threats of 2018:

    - Doug: This is going to be the continued exposure of your personal data to the world and the danger of your key data being linked to less secure data.